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It will come with Peach's Castle 64, Hyrule Castle 64, and for free, Tournament Mode and Youtube uploads. Finally!

Oh, and Mii costumes. They're pretty trolly costumes too, with Chrom and K. Rool being there. Funny in a morbid sort of way.

Watch, it's important. You won't be able to live without it.

Dear lord. Hyped up to max! Please come sooner, August! I need this!
I know MaximumSpazzitude has it and thinks I'm pro, and I know sonicsis will have her own soon as well, so now is a good time to do it!

I'm not a "professional." At best, I'm probably like above average. This is mostly just my experience and possibly based on some guides. I WON'T cover absolute basics.

General Advice

  1. Unless you plan to climb the wall, don't bother inking them.
  2. Know the strength and limits of your weapon.
  3. There may be no friendly fire, but you still can't shoot through allies! Don't stand in the way.
  4. Watch were you squid jump! Make sure the ally or beakon aren't being attacked.
  5. Look at the map once in awhile on the bottom screen! It can often times give insight as to where your teammates are and help them, and more importantly, tell you where enemies are potentially coming from. Map awareness gives you a big edge on other players.
  6. Try not to stand too close to allies while in a fight, especially right behind. It just means you can both get splattered at once!
  7. Focus on the objective. Seems obvious, but some players tend to not do this. Especially in ranked. 
  8. Use your subs! They have lots of use! Don't let them go to waste. If you don't like the sub, maybe you're better off using a different weapon.
  9. As a roller, don't just try to blatantly steamroll players in plain sight. It's often better to flick your ink than shooting a roll out.
  10. At a disadvantage? Unless you got no choice, or you think you can really beat that person, it's often better to run!
  11. Learn and listen to and use the "c'mon/To Me" command. It let's you know when allies might need help. 
  12. If approaching from one angle doesn't work, try a different one! 
  13. Don't be afraid to experiment as well.


Learn these! These are important! 

Sharp Turning In Squid Form

Have you ever ended up swimming into enemy fire, traps, killer wail, or inkstrike but couldn't turn in time? While turning around, release the squid button and immediate press it again in the desired direction to turn faster than a regular turn. It can help in tricky situations like that.
Stealth Swimming
Slightly shifting the movement key foward while in squid form allows you to move through your ink without creating a rippling effect. Although is pretty slow, it's a stealth option that can sometimes help give you the edge on some matches.
Using Squid Form Momentum
While jumping out of squid form to kid form, you keep most of that momentum while in midair. You can use this to your advantange, such as shifting left suddenly, or using it to jump around corners and surprise foes (as opposed to just waiting for them to go past you.)
Using Y
The Y button lets you reset your camera to right in front of the inkling. This also allows to suddenly change directions verses the slow turning you'll need to do. If someone is on your tail, just use Y to instantly turn around and shoot them. It can also be used, as it's intended, to simply revert your camera to normal position, which can help with 

Simple enough, just jump while shooting. Mainly it allows your ink to spread further and wider than just standing, and it makes you a harder to hit target. The only weapon that doesn't benefit from this is the charger. Especially good for finishing off a weakened foe who's trying to escape your range. Blasters are just a pain when they master this properly, especially since the delay between shots allows them to go into squid form for a split second before jumping again.
This is related to jumpspraying, and it's only applicable with shooter/blaster-type weapons and the Dynamo Roller. You simply jump → spray ink while moving foward → swim in ink → repeat. It's the fastest way to move around when there is no ink or traveling through opposing territory. 
This. It allows you to travel even faster than jumpsraying for a short distance (estimated around 4% faster), and may be faster than sprayswimming up a incline, but it's definately slowing down an incline. But it's a little harder to master, especially with stick. In you're in a rush for the objective or want to travel through enemy ink faster, or even escape from enemies through their territory, then you should learn this. Always keep in mind it's only faster than sprayswimming a short distance. Long distance travel, use sprayswimming instead. 
Ledge Peeking
As you climb up a wall, right before you reach the edge, immediately jump back just a little and shoot. This allows you to shoot over the edge without actually having to climb onto the edge and lose cover. It can be done multiple times. Only non-Dynamo rollers and shooters benefit from this. It can be a little tricky to pull off.


The abilities are pretty simple. They're essentially perks that upgrade certain stats or abilities. Each article of clothing: headgear, shirt, and shoes, can have up to four ability "slots;" A main ability and 3 small small slot. The more expensive gear have more default slots to unlock. Knowing how to optimize them is important.


They can stack. Each ability, mainly stack up to 3 before the boost starts to become notably more negligible. So stacking any more than one main ability or 3 small ones, will probably be a waste on most, depending on your style. The main ability slot is equal to 3 small slots. However, there are exclusive abilities to certain articles of clothing that only appear as a main perk and do not stack, nor can you roll them (Details on those below.)


Normal Abilities
  • Ink Saver (Main)
    • Decreases the amount of ink your main weapon consumes by up to 60%.
    • Almost unarguably the most universally useful ability in the game, since you're always going to be shooting or rolling. It's extremely helpful and regardless of your playstyle, you should have it. It allows you to shoot more before running out.
    • Especially useful for rollers and other weapons with high consuming ink rate, since you spend less time recharging ink.
  • Ink Saver (Sub)
    • Decreases the amount of ink your subs use by up to 75%.
    • Very useful. Although you won't be able to throw more splat bombs than usual, for example, it helps in leaving you with more ink to use for shooting. A lot of the sub, especially sprinkler and squid beakons, consume lots of ink leaving you with little to no ink.
  • Ink Recovery Up
    • Increases the amount of ink you recover by up to 40% while in squid form (not necessarily only swimming in your ink.)
    • Again very useful, especially if you often run out of ink often. 
    • You can spend less time recharging with this ability.
  • Swim Speed Up
    • Increases the speed at which you swim by up to 25%
    • Any time you're not shooting, you should be spending swimming in your ink, as it's the fastest way to travel. This only makes that faster, and is very useful.
    • Can help you escape tricky situations better.
  • Quick Respawn
    • Decreases your respawn time (the kill cam) by up to 66%
    • If you find yourself getting splat lots or are more aggressive player or playing ranked, it might be good to invest in this. 
    • It may not seem like a lot, but every second counts. Some players might tell you "good players never die," but in a realistic scenario, no matter how good you are, you're going to get splat a few times.
  • Quick Super Jump
    • Increases the super jump speed to double it's normal speed.
    • Good if you want to get into the action ASAP.
    • Squid jumping can help you escape tricky situations, and this helps that more.
  • Special Charge Up
    • Increases how fast your special gauge charges by up to 30%.
    • A great ability to have as specials can be real game changers sometimes.
  • Special Saver
    • Decreases the penalty of special gauge loss by up to 100% (you lose none.)
    • It's a decent ability, especially if you're reliant on specials, like bubblers or krakens.
    • The amount of dedication to get this to 100% is often not worth it as it would cut off so many other potential abilities. In general, it might be better to invest in a different ability.
  • Special Duration Up
    • Increases the duration of how long abilities last.
    • It's useful for bubblers, kraken, echolotator, and bomb rushes, as it gives them a few more seconds of activity. But it's not that much.
    • Pretty useless with inkstrike and killer wails, as all it does is extend the time you have to execute rather than actually increasing their active time.
  • Damage Up
    • Increases damage dealt from all sources by up to 30%
    • It can't be used the pass the "shots to splat," meaning that a weapon can never be made to kill people in less hits than necessary.
    • With an exception of certain weapons (which I'll expand upon later,) it never makes a significant difference in most battles.
    • It can help kill previous wounded inklings faster, but odds are they were dead to begin with.
    • Is useful for countering Defense Ups.
  • Defense Up
    • Decreases damage taken by up to 20%
    • Unlike Damage up, Defense Up can actually reduce the amount of shots to splat you, usually only by one (one hit splats will always be 1 hit splats.)
    • A damage up or two, depending on the weapon, easily bypass this ability, even if they're stacked to 3.
  • Bomb Range Up
    • Increases the range at which you throw bombs (including those produced by a bomb rush), point sensors, and disruptions only.
    • Can even be increased to outrange certain weapons.
    • Depends on the weapon's reliance on the sub in question, but it is a pretty decent ability.
  • Run Speed Up
    • Increases movement speed while in inkling form (both running and shooting, but not for rollers) up to 50%.
    • Pretty useful, especially for some weapons that bring you to almost a crawl.
    • Combined with ink resistance, can seriously help when stuck in enemy ink.

Exclusive Abilities

  • Ink Resistance Up
    • Movement, health, and jump pentalty decreased by standing in enemy ink.
    • I heavily recommend this ability. When in a gunfight, it can be easy to step over ink, which can sometimes mean the difference between a splat or being splatted. This alleviates this by a lot. 
    • Also gives you a better chance at escape when at a disadvantage.
  • Ninja Squid
    • Makes your ink trail while swimming in your ink nonexistent at the cost of swimming speed.
    • Very useful for anyone, as stealth is already a big part of the game, this just gives you more options to sneak up and surprise.
    • However, it may become harder to escape if you get caught.
  • Stealth Jump
    • There is no longer a cursor where you are going to super jump to, but your jump speed is reduced.
    • Generally makes your super jumps more safe, which is always a good thing.
    • Really useful for Tower Control, as it lets you jump straight to the tower while your team is fighting more discretely.
  • Opening Gambit
    • For 30 seconds at the start of the match, your run and swimming speed are increased.
    • Useful for rushing to the objective/center stage faster, but is a dead weight ability after that. 
  • Last-Ditch Effort
    • For the last 30 seconds of a match, your ink recovery and overall ink usage are better.
    • Not as useful as Opening Gambit, and in most ranked matches, the games rarely fall into the last 30 seconds of a match. I would suggest avoiding it if you are doing ranked.
  • Tenacity
    • Special Gauge slowly fills if there are less teammates on the field than the opponent. Bigger difference makes the gauge fill even faster.
    • Theoretically useful if your teammates die a lot, and allows you to quickly get revenge. A pretty decent ability to use especially in Ranked, where death means more.
  • Haunt
    • If somebody kills you, they're marked on everyone's map for 12 seconds.
    • It's pretty useful, as it gives the position of the killer, taking his stealth out of the equation. 
  • Comeback
    • For 20 seconds after you respawn, ink efficiency, ink recovery, running and swimming speed are increased.
    • Decent ability, especially if you get splat a lot. It might be better to focus on increasing those with regular perks as opposed to using this ability as a replacement.
  • Cold Blooded
    • Reduces the tracking effects of echolocators, point sensors, and Haunt by 75%.
    • This is really useful when tracking abilities are present, since it makes them almost useless on you. However, in the event locators aren't present, this is a dead. It might be better to invest in more consistent abilities.
  • Bomb Sniffer
    • Alerts you to nearby explosives with a "!"
    • Not too useful most of the time, as you can reveal mines by spraying ahead of you. But once it awhile, it can save you from surprise bomb traps. I still wouldn't recommend this ability.
  • Recon
    • Shows the position of the opponents on the game pad screen only to you while standing on spawn.
    • It's sounds more useful than in practice. Almost completely useless, as for one, you shouldn't be wasting time on the spawn point. Second, it only shows the positions to you, and since you can't communicate, there isn't much of a point. To hit a nail on the head, if there are players approaching, the map usually gives their approaching position away (as they leave an ink trail as they move.) I heavily recommend avoiding this ability if you got better options.

Rolling Gear

Besides the main ability, you need to unlock the rest of on your gear all individually by gaining Exp. When unlocked, they "roll" to a random perk with no control over it. If you have Super Sea Snails, which you get participating in Splatfests, or for 30,000 bucks at level 20, you can get an NPC called Spyke to either add slots (if they have less than 3 small ones) or reroll them if you have all the perks unlocked. There is a little secret to this; brands of clothing actually affect the odds of certain perks rolling! Specifically, they have 5 times the chance of rolling one ability, with only half the chance of another: Here are the odds of each:
  • Firefin- x5 Ink Saver(Sub), x0.5 Ink Recovery Up
  • Forge- x5 Special Duration Up, x0.5 Ink Saver (Sub)
  • Inkline- x5 Defense Up, x0.5 Damage Up
  • Krak-On- x5 Swim Speed Up, x0.5 Defense Up
  • Rockenberg- x5 Run Speed Up, x0.5 Swim Speed Up
  • Skalop- x5 Quick Respawn, x0.5 Special Saver
  • Splash Mob- x5 Ink Saver (Main), x0.5 Run Speed Up
  • Squiforce- x5 Damage Up, x0.5 Ink Saver (Main)
  • Takoroka- x5 Special Charge Up, x0.5 Special Duration Up
  • Tentatek- x5 Ink Recovery Up, x0.5 Quick Super Jump
  • Zekko- x5 Special Saver, x0.5 Special Charge Up
  • Zink- x5 Quick Super Jump, x0.5 Quick Respawn
  • Other (amiibo, Cuttlegear, KOG)- None.
This can help you manipulate the rolls to better suit the abilities you do and don't want a little better.

Subs and Specials

I want this out of the way before we get into the meat of the main weapons.


  • Splat Bomb- Can be thrown in an arc, and explodes after a few seconds. Insta-splats anyone within range.
    • The timer only starts if it's touching the floor. 
    • You can roll it across the floor to make it explode sooner.
    • It's really useful to force foes out of hiding, or from their perches.
  • Burst Bomb- Throws in an arc like the splat bomb. But it doesn't one hit splat players. It explodes on contact instead, costs less ink (you can throw up to 3), and has a slightly smaller explosion radius.
    • Takes 2 direct hits to KO an opponent, 5 otherwise.
    • Also good for forcing foes out of hiding or perches.
  • Suction Bomb- Like the splat, but it sticks to a surface and takes awhile longer to explode. Has a bigger radius.
    • Good for lure foes to their demise.
    • REALLY good at pushing foes.
  • Seeker- Travels in a straight along the floor while leaving a trail of ink behind. If you're looking at someone while you hold the button, it homes onto them. Insta-splats if it connects.
    • Consumes a lot of ink.
    • You can travel in the trail it leaves behind for faster travel down straight roads, or to follow up your bomb with an assault.
    • Can be jumped over to be avoided.
  • Ink Mine- You can place it in your own ink which is invisible to foes, explodes either after a set amount of time, or when an enemy steps near it. Insta-splats.
    • You can't place more than one until it explodes.
    • You can reveal enemy mines by spraying over them.
    • Can be a good area denial tool.
  • Disruptor- Flies like a bomb, but instead killing players, it weakens them; makes them slower, can barely jump, the area where they're hiding blinks, and they recover ink much slower.
    • Perfect for forcing foes into checkmate positions, ready for the kill.
    • They can still shoot normally, so watch out!
  • Point Sensor- Flies like a bomb, but it's explosion reveals players within range to the team for 12 seconds.
    • Can reveal hiding foes, and forces them out of hiding.
    • Everyone will know where they're at.
  • Sprinker- Flies in an ark and sticks to the surface. Until it is either destroyed or you go splat, it sprays ink in a circular radius.
    • Good for covering territory you don't want to spend too much time one
    • Also works as a decent distraction or area denial depending on it's placement.
  • Splash Wall- Throws a waterfall right in front of you that enemies can't move or shoot through, but your allies can. It lasts until it runs out of ink (overtime or if it's damaged.)
    • Great for creating cover or denying opponents direct access to an area. Especially in narrow passages. 
  • Squid Beakon- Allies, including you, can use it to super jump to. You can place up to three at once.
    • Placing more than three will destroy the oldest one.
    • Good for fast traveling across the map, especially in or near places you need to protect.


Note- They're all temporary, and using a special instantly refills your ink.
  • Inkzooka- Fires a long tornado of ink that insta-splats anyone in it's path. Inks as it travels
    • Use it to splat enemies out of your reach, or splat a group of enemies.
    • Not very good for inking territory.
    • It can't hit enemies directly behind obstructions.
  • Inkstrike- Shoots a missile that creates a huge ink vortex that quickly dispatches anyone who's in it's path. Inks a huge area.
    • Good for inking areas you can't reach, or even forcing foes out of positions, or even splatting them!
  • Killer Wail- A huge soundwave splats anyone in it's path and goes straight through the terrain.
    • Good for forcing foes into corners and denying access.
    • Great for splatting people in narrow hallways.
  • Bubbler- Creates a bubble around you that makes you invincible, but you take more knockback. Close teammates can pick up the effect.
    • Good for escaping death, or battling foes you may have the disadvantage against.
    • A well-timeb bubbler can turn the tide to your team's favor.
  • Bomb Rush- As long as it's active, you can throw an endless supply of the sub weapon bombs.
    • Can ink really wide area while pressuring opponents.
  • Kraken- Makes you invincible, and you lay your own trail of ink as you move, so you can move through enemy ink and travel up walls. Pressing jump makes you corkscrew, splatting anyone in one hit.
    • Also good for escaping eminent doom.
    • Can force foes away for certain areas, or allows to get foes you may have not been able to get before.
    • Again, can turn battles to your favor if timed right.
  • Echolocator- All enemies who are in play will have their positions revealed to the entire team for 
    • Takes stealth away from the enemy, and is always useful.
    • Try to use it when 3-4 players are on the opposing field. It'll be a waste otherwise.
    • If in a pinch, it's often best to use it than to get splat and let it go to waste.
    • It can also be used to refill your ink reliably when the current situation, you can't.

Weapon Specific Advice

WARNING: most of these things are just my two cents. And general advice. 


  • All-around weapons; any mode or role, they're useful.
  • Very basic, but very reliable all around weapon. 
  • Tentatek variation comes with suction bombs and inkzooka, both of which are generally better.
Splattershot Jr.
  • Very good beginner weapon and strong even late game.
  • Inks wide area really fast, but has pretty low range.
  • Bubbler more than makes up for it's range, especially since it charges so fast.
  • The splat bomb can somewhat make up for it's subpar range.
  • Also has a custom variation, which comes with disruptor, which makes up for it's range, and the echolocator. Overall pretty support-based.
Aerospray MG
  • Often considered the best in Turf War because it's rapid fire and wide area of inking makes it great for doing just that.
  • If you're in it's range, it's likely you're getting splatted.
  • It has miserable range, but on most maps, both the seeker and the inkzooka help close that gap. 
  • Would not recommend for offensive players.
  • The golden RG variant comes with ink mines and inkzooka, making it more defensive in nature.
  • Try to avoid head-on confrontations.
52 Gal
  • Can easily knock players out in two hits alone, but has a moderately slow rate of fire and average reach.
  • However, Defense Ups can turn it's 2 hit knock outs into 3 hits. Consider adding a Damage Up or two to combat that.
  • Inkwalls can help with the range and low fire rate problems. Killer Wail compliments this and lets you corner enemies for the splat.
  • Consumes lots of ink per shot, so Ink Recovery and  is recommended.
  • Has a Deco variation, which is just bedazzled but comes with Seekers and Inkstrike, this gives you better movement opportunities and better offensive with inkstrike.
96 Gal
  • Similar to 52, but with longer range and slower rate of fire, and scatter less.
  • Consumes even more ink.
  • Like 52, one defense buff can turn it from 2 to 3 hit killer. one small Damage Up patch completely negates that.
  • Sprinker makes up for it's subpar inking ability.
  • Echolocator makes it's offensive presence even more useful.
  • Also has a Deco variation with Splash Walls and Kraken. The wall makes it harder to approach while the Kracken can be used to take out people too close.
Jet Squelcher
  • A little less powerful and slightly slower fire rate, but it has the longest range of any shooter. It's pretty good for facing chargers.
  • Consumes quite the amount of ink.
  • Splash Wall makes it harder to approach you, and inkstrike can really push the offense up.
  • Has a Custom variation that has burst bombs for cornering of up front attacks, or the Kraken for similar reasons.
Dual Squelcher
  • Shoots faster but has less range and power than Jet Squelcher, but more than most shooters.
  • Splat Bombs can force foes into areas you want them to be, and take them out with your superior range.
  • Has a Costom variation that has squid beakons and killer wails, making it more supportive. Can still run offense.
N-Zap 85
  • Based off the NES Zapper. It has average range and underaverage power, but it shoots very rapidly, making up for power.
  • Also great for inking.
  • Splat Bombs and echolocator allows you to also have good offensive prowess. Especially since it can build it up pretty fast.
  • The orange 89 variant comes with sprinkler and inkstrike, making it even better at inking.
  • Short range but very accurate with a high rate of fire, so it requires accuracy.
  • Having Suction Bomb, and especially suction bomb rush, makes it really dangerous in the right hands.
  • Also comes in Sploosh flavor, with a funnel for wider spread and more damage, but shorter range. Kills really fast at short range, and comes with beakons and killer wail. So it's kinda like offensive/supportive.
L-3 Nozzlenose
  • Semi-automatic, shooting only 3 bullets per trigger pull, unlike the other shooters. Above average range, and takes 4 bullets to kill.
  • Requires steady button pressing to pull it off.
  • Disruptor makes up for it's lack of full automatic shooting.


  • Subtype of shooter. Instead of the standard paintball bullets, it shoots these large globs that travel a set distance before exploding. They're more offensive and struggle to ink territory. Slow rate of fire. Would probably advise you use Special Charge Up for most of them.
  • Yes, it's a blaster called blaster. Splat anyone upon contact, two hits from the explosion kill. Decent range.
  • Disruptor make it really hard for foes to escape it's wrath, and that's still pretty hard sometimes.
  • Killer wail just ups the offensive pressure.
  • Like many guns, has a Custom, which comes with point sensor for fishing out foes, and the bubbler to up the offensive ante.
Rapid Blaster
  • Worst blaster ever. Despite being "rapid," it's still slow. Takes two direct hits to kill, and three from the explosion. It does have better range.
  • Bubbler helps make up for its "lack" of kill power in close quarters.
  • Don't use it. Also don't use it's Deco variant. Comes with suction bombs and a bomb rush. I guess that makes it more offensive? It is better for Tower Control, I guess?
Luna Blaster
  • Shorter range, but huge explosion. Kills in one direct hit, or two indirect.
  • It's actually pretty decent at Splat Zones, but it especially shines in Tower Control thanks to it's huge explosion and ink mines for protecting the tower.
  • Inkzooka makes up for it's low range.


  • They'll see you rolling, and they'll be hating. Pretty much the Little Mac of Splatoon. Like the shotgun or flamethrower of Splatoon; amazing power, miserable range. Good at inking turf as they move.
Splat Roller
  • Basic Roller. Not too fast, not too slow.
  • Comes with Suction Bombs for forcing people off higher ground, and the Killer wail can somewhat make up for range.
  • Odds are if you see it, they're probably using the Krak-On Roller. Generally better at support with the squid beakon, and better special for both protection and offense, the Kraken.
Dynamo Roller
  • My personal favorite. Rolls and flicks ink much slower, but it's ink flicking range is HUGE! The flick eats up a LOT of ink as well.
  • Sprinkers make for great bait, and just making inking areas easier. Echolocator just adds to the offensive/supportive pressure it can create.
  • Dynamo Rollers benefit from having at least one main/three small Damage Up abilities. This allows you to kills opponents more consistently at longer range, where RNG starts to take over whether or not you get the kill.
  • Comes in a Gold variant, with comes with splat bombs and an inkstrike, giving it better offensive pressure, and a better answer to it's range.
  • "Rolls" faster than sprayswimming, but it's very narrow area, doesn't KO, and has a short flicking range. But it's speed and support make up for it.
  • Sprinklers and inkstrike means it can ink relatively fast. Overall more technical.
  • A little wider and a little slower but much better flicking range than it's inkbrush cousin.
  • Squid beakons are easily dispersed around the field for your allies to take advantage of.
Carbon Roller
  • Faster than the regular Splat Roller, but can't splat via squishing, it has to fling. It's fling also as shorter range. But it flings really fast.
  • Burst bombs and Inkzooka really make up for your range issues.


  • More defensive, boasts the longest general range of all weapons and can one shot foes. However, they require charging, and are pretty vulnerable in close range situations. The precision is also very precise. So it requires a lot of practice. With the exception to the Squiffers, Damage Up allows you to one shot people at an earlier charge, meaning you can snipe people earlier.
Splat Charger
  • Standard charger. 
  • Well-timed splat bombs can help you avoid close quarters problems.
  • Bomb rush makes up for both inking issues and posses more immediate threat to the opposition.
  • Also has a Kelp-stuffed brother that comes with a sprinkler and killer wail. Sprinkler is especially notable because it makes up for subpar inking skills without taking up special.
  • Those both ALSO come in Splatterscope special edition. 360 no scope people with your slightly increased range, but narrowed vision. Makes you easier to ambush, but easier to aim.
Classic Squiffer
  • Much shorter range, but actually does pretty well close quarters due to it's faster charge time.
  • Point sensors can really help with aiming, too.
  • Bubbler makes close quarters even safer!
  • It also comes in a shiny New form! Use your new Squiffer Wet-Jet to clean up with ink mines and inkzooka. It's pretty good at defending the objective.
E-Liter 3-K
  • Even LONGER range than any scope. But takes a really long time to fully charge, and you become incredibly slow doing so.
  • Burst bombs really help when somebody is closing in on you.
  • Echolocator helps you snipe better.
  • Custom version comes with beakons to help you camp, and your team move out, while the kraken deals with enemies who come too close for comfort.

Closing Statement

WOW! This took ALL DAY! But it was pretty worth it to share my knowledge with you. Don't take this a pro advice, this is just my advice and what I think mostly helps me. I'm probably missing a few screws, too. Anyway, if it helps, good. If it doesn't... I'm sorry but I warned you!

Happy spaltting. :D
It will come with Peach's Castle 64, Hyrule Castle 64, and for free, Tournament Mode and Youtube uploads. Finally!

Oh, and Mii costumes. They're pretty trolly costumes too, with Chrom and K. Rool being there. Funny in a morbid sort of way.


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Games: Super Smash Bros (both versions but I prefer Wii U,) Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon, Bayonetta 2 (I suck at it.) *I mainly accept Smash, MK8, and New Leaf. The others are shakier to get me on.

Who from: I only accept thoso on this site if they're either on my friends list, follow me, or possibly if I follow you. Before you send the request, alert me in the comments section of my main page with your screen name. Otherwise I may reject immediately.

When: Anytime! Just leave a comment on my main page and I'll probably get to it ASAP, usually soon after it's post if I am available. It's usually best to comment when you're available rather than setting up a date. Alternatively, you can send a challege over Miiverse's PM if I got you already, but usually it's better to just do it here. Finally, if you're hosting a group, I might notice and drop in. This is arguably the best way to get my attention when you and I are both on the Wii U.

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sonicsis Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
don't make the squid your icon yet. I wanna color it
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fmafan567 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
Random question, but were you able to watch the newest episode of Rick and Morty? What'd you think? :XD:
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MaximumSpazzitude Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey if you want ken i kind of messed up on my time traveling so he's moving out today. gonna miss him but there's nothing i can do.
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boniissocute Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for the fave!
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ZeroTheRaptard Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Student Filmographer
Ay if you're free I can play. I was just helping a guy train for a tourney.
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fmafan567 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist
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ZeroTheRaptard Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Student Filmographer
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TempestTim Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015   Digital Artist

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eneswe97 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  New Deviant
thanks for the watch ^^
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Silverdeath-Succubus Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you know any sets for a Calm Rotom, in any of it's forms?
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