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Just a generic mediocre artist who mostly enjoys sketching cartoons. I have low motivation in general. I Initially came here because my friends flocked here. No one important. If you're looking for something amazing, Move along...


Still here? Then I guess you wanna know about me... well... IDK what to say. I am not a very interesting person. I'm mostly into video games. I like cartoons a lot. I choose "anime" style most of the time simply because I like the style. Despite that, I am not into "anime/manga" as much as you probably think I would be. Animals are cool. I like mythology, especially mythical creatures. Y'know, nerd stuff. If I had to choose a genre, Fantasy is my favorite. Sci-fi is close second, but not that close, just mostly an inspiration if anything.

If you wanna be friends, just comment a lot or follow me (mutual following earns you bonus points) and we'll see where it goes. Don't ask.

A heavily WIP personal project I am working on is a series called "Spirit Saga." You might learn more about it looking around, but it's messy right now. It's only in it's baby steps.

Profile pic by the cool man :iconbenandsho:
If you consider me a friend, what do you see in me? Most of the time, I don't see what others see in me. I feel pretty boring on most days. I'm not all that interesting, TBH.

Do you think you can describe my personality, too? I wanna know how others see me. I'm genuinely curious.


Why are 90% of the artists I know better looking than me? Why am I so bland?? They have to be talented AND pretty??? PICK ONE OR THE OTHER PLZ!!!!
Activity has really been dying here it's sad. But the lot of you have to getting active somewhere else. Can you guys tell me so I may (or may not) flock there as well?
The more I look at some of my mook designs, especially the "weakest three," the more I love them. It makes me wanna make them characters instead. I just might do that...
Late AF, but they nerfed Bayonetta in Sm4sh WAY too hard. She can no longer reliably combo due to the SDI Multiplier being ridiculous on some of her moves, namely her ABK and her WT. She can only do very short combos from dtilt and Heel Slide. I used to like her because not even counting her zero-deaths, she had a really good and fun combo game, even if they are "easy bake." Now her best hope lies more in zoning, and the combination of bad neutral, frame data, speed, and weight, and her mechanics of "more aerials=more landing lag." She has a lot of flaws that outweigh her pros. She needed her 0-Ds gone, but she didn't need to be completely destroyed like that.
I'm seriously pissed. The cord to the stupid old scanner is missing. Now I have NO way of getting drawings onto my computer... This is my life.

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Ayye m89

What'd you think of the season finale for Rick and Morty?! I watched it a few weeks ago, and I was just wondering what you thought about it. Tbh, it almost made me cry. :XD: I don't think a cartoon's ever made me want to cry like that, either (unless you count Disney's Fox & The Hound).
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