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Just a generic mediocre artist who mostly enjoys sketching cartoons. I have low motivation in general. I Initially came here because my friends flocked here. No one important. If you're looking for something amazing, Move along...


Still here? Then I guess you wanna know about me... well... IDK what to say. I am not a very interesting person. I'm mostly into video games. I like cartoons a lot. I choose "anime" style most of the time simply because I like the style. Despite that, I am not into "anime/manga" as much as you probably think I would be. Animals are cool. I like mythology, especially mythical creatures. Y'know, nerd stuff. If I had to choose a genre, Fantasy is my favorite. Sci-fi is close second, but not that close, just mostly an inspiration if anything.

A heavily WIP personal project I am working on is a series called "Spirit Saga." You might learn more about it looking around, but it's messy right now. It's only in it's baby steps.

Profile pic by the cool man :iconbenandsho:
FF7 Cloud, as in Final Fantasy. Yep, confirmed. I screamed. Considering how finished he is including his stage, I actually think that he was NOT apart of the ballot. Pretty much every fan ballot everywhere, he doesn't place too much, yet he is heavily requested especially in fanfic stuff, and is a video game icon, so it still makes sense. But I am so psyched that he made it in, I just want more characters!

But there is some sort of announcement for Smash coming in December, and besides it torturing me, An EU Press Release said that it would be "the last Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS." Meaning that this is likely the end of the line for DLC one this last batch of characters are released, and considering that 3 character slot fillers in Smash's data, it's likely Cloud will be taking it up one of those. 2 of those will likely be from the Smash Ballot. My safest guess as one of them is Inkling. Besides having consistent placing in fan polls, they are a recent IP that their inclusion in Smash could boost sales for Splatoon. Some people like to say "Nintendo will hold back Inklings for 5," usually saying to hype up the game or something among that line. But they will more likely make an appearance here to boost Splatoon sales, as they tend to do that in Smash. Shulk's inclusion is literally to advertise that they own the Xenoblade series, more or less, and to make people more aware of the new IP and upcoming remake. The second one is anyone's guess. But general consensus, not just in NA and EU, but even in Japan, K. Rool tends to score pretty high on fan polls. Even when that slowed down after his costume was confirmed. Wolf comes close second. Shantae gets pretty good votes as well.

I don't think Shovel Knight is going to get in because his requests from Japan are pretty much nonexistent because his game has not released in Japan yet. In fact, many Japanese players don't even KNOW Shovel Knight. With that in mind, That's roughly 1/3 of the vote lost, and where there are are other characters that get more consistent support in every country, it's not likely. And the route to release Shovel Knight in Japan is way far back according to the developers... BUT! If Nintendo does a magical butt-pull and publishes the game in Japan for them, or less likely adding him to Smash to introduce him to Japan like how Marth and Roy help push Fire Emblem into the West's eye, then I could definitely see that happen. As it stands, I don't think he'll make it, and by the time that happens, this will probably be over. It's sad to say, in general, NoJ's support for indie games is actually very lackluster, too. Yet the dream never dies! Don't give up! FOR SHOVELRY! 

Despite me mention polls a lot, it's still just all just a theory. Keep in mind polls on websites will contain certain bias and might not really reflect the actual Ballot, especially since a lot of Smash Ballot voters haven't contributed to fan polls, or change opinions. For example, Etika made a few fan polls, and when his opinion changes, or he adds a rule (i.e:No Ridley), the polls shift dramatically, usually reflecting Etika's views. Likewise, with the costumes for K. Rool and Inklings were confirmed, people were automatically assuming they're out and stopped showing support. Finally, the Smash Ballot isn't really "1st place wins," it's more of a suggestion box where the more popular are more likely to get Sakurai's attention than a low scoring one. So In the end, who knows. It's Sakurai's decision, and he is a wild card a lot of the time. So we can only really make educated guess. Or wild guesses! But we won't know until December I guess...


What if I told you that the stuff posted just a few seconds ago were actually done while I listened to Undertale OST? Core, to be precise. IDK why, even.
Enemies 3 by Shuckster1
Enemies 3
Slightly remade aquatic monster, and totally electric afro monster from the old one. The "ghost jellyfish mage" and the icicle cannon-armed fellow are brand new, though. The jellyfish mage can float. I screwed up on the ice guy, but I'm still pretty satisfied with it.
Enemies 2 by Shuckster1
Enemies 2
More monsters. First one in the top left corner I am gonna scrap. Me no likey. IDK why, but I caught myself falling into DarkDragonRoar's bloody turnip pulling shenanigans from long ago and ended up making a rad radish. No lie. The second to the bottom is a remake of the one-armed, no faced monster in this old version to match up with the current monster pattern. Still the same psychic psycho I love. The last to the bottom is a Grim Reaper wannabe that uses Death-attributed spirit power to drain the life out of others. I don't like the cloak. I think I screwed up is why (I mean more screwed than usual.)

The negative space on the bottom left was filled with scribbles, it had to go.
Enemies 1 by Shuckster1
Enemies 1
For Spirit Saga. The topmost object is the enemy symbol, as in for the big bad. I will try to put it on all the monsters. It's a corrupt version of the symbol used to symbolize the soul. The first 3 monsters are the most basic of basic, making a stereotype Theif-Warrior-Mage combo in RPGs (and in that order.) Most common monster. Bottom-left is some sort of higher-up monster that is a Space element user. Bottom right is a plant monster. Probably will discard that one since I don't like it. 

I like these way better than the old batch I made, as they are more intimidating without losing cuteness. Also, most weaker, common monsters will probably look of a similar threat level now, if not a little sillier.  In the old one, the most basic monsters were the first two on the bottom-left (which was just Warrior-Mage, respectively). Overall, they just looked stupid. However, I did redo 3 of them (which you'll see in the next two posts.) The top 3 in this new batch are way better. SnailShoes originally proposed a monster using a giant switchblade as a weapon, which was how the Theif monster to be born, but it ended being a pretty normal knife as to not overshadow the Warrior monster's sword.
I am finding myself getting motivation to draw late at night when I should be sleeping... help.

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